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Thank you for visiting Teasha R. Gill Services.

Teasha brings together ambitious and talented individuals to develop spiritual, mental, and emotional growth practices.

Teasha successfully navigates their personal challenges to seize new opportunities and fulfill their God-given purpose.

Teasha develops the inspiration in her clients who discover their passion to achieve individual or team goals, becoming bold and confident leaders in business or in ministry.

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Life coaching...

There is a light within each of us. You were born with all of the qualities you'll need to achieve everything you've ever desired!

I'll assist you in achieving each milestone one at a time with satisfaction and success as the ultimate goal.

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Leadership Training...

Teasha will develop your skillsets and lead your team to successful results.

Individual and group sessions are offered with options that are suitable to your needs.


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From Pastors, Leaders, Educators, and Students

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Pastor Frank C. Oliver

Miriam Foreman

Ja Vian M. Jones

Frances Vaughan

Darleana Graham

Attorney Joe Richardson

Pastor Frank C. Oliver

Teasha Renee Gill has gifted ability to help faith leaders navigate through the tough and tumultuous terrain of life and business.

Her wisdom, expertise, and encouragement is what every leader needs in a coach to obtain the next level of optimization. You want to win, you need a coach!

I highly recommend Teasha Renee Gill as a proven professional coach who embodies the Spirit of God and the humility of servant leadership.


Miriam Forman

I was blessed to meet Elder Teasha

when I began teaching a children's ministry

over 5 years ago. Her guidance and presence has

encouraged me because she is truly a woman of God. When I first met her I heard her husband say, "She is the real deal" and it could not be more true. Her devotion for the Lord is unwavering and her faith and knowledge impressively beautiful as she is.

She is committed to serving others and being a spiritual leader. She has this sincerity that is genuine and her guidance and support over the years have been resolute. She is a strong and brave woman of God and her spiritual wisdom is beyond her years. I thank the Lord for the relationship we have built and I can't imagine my life without her prayers & our spiritual connection.

Ja Via M. Jones



Hi, my name is Frances Vaughan and I would love to tell you about my history with Elder Teasha!

We met when she was facilitating a leadership class I was enrolled in; however, she was far beyond a teacher. This woman of God was so honest, trustworthy, and transparent; some of the key qualities in her field.

Elder Teasha in my opinion is the prime example of someone you can trust to help you make life decisions. She was more than a teacher to us. Her class still holds to a higher standard. To this day, we continue to call her with our life problems and she listens and advises without judgement. She has helped me through a lot of hard times and I greatly appreciate her and the advice.

God bless you Elder Teasha with every success!


I have a long-term relationship with Teasha Gill. She has been a consistent prayer partner in my life. For over 20 years, Teasha has been a prayer intercessor that always resulted in my success.

Her guidance during many events in my life has allowed me to grow in grace and patience.

Teasha's methods to having a consistent prayer life has taught me determination to build better relationships.

I'm excited for her new journey and I recommend her services to everyone that desires a change in their relationship with the Lord.

Darleana Graham


Teasha Gill is the personification of the term “Life Coach,” because she has an infectious energy that breathes life into dreams, aspirations, and hopes.

I have seen Coach Teasha in action, and she approaches her work with vigor, purpose, and strategy. This means, that in addition to the goal (the “what”), she will provide a roadmap to how to get there (the “how”) that will be clear and infuse participants with belief that they can do it.

Being coached by Teasha will provide participants with true illumination, and those of us that have seen her work know that she truly cares about the people that she serves. Knowing Teasha, there is no doubt that she is ready to help.

For participants that are truly ready for a change, great things will result!

-Attorney Joe Richardson

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